A new Local Implementation Project established under SIDC

The Nominated Electricity Market Operators and Transmission System Operators from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary established a new Local Implementation Project (LIP 17) to couple intraday electricity markets under Single Intraday Coupling (S...

Extended service maintenance on 14.7.2020

Due to maintenance of OKTE infrastructure, service window planned on 14.7.2020, will last from 14.7.2020 18:00 to 15.7.2020 1:00. During this time information systems OKTE may be not available.

Exchange of client certificates for XMtrade®/ISZO and XMtrade®/ISOT systems on 30.6. 2020

The exchange of client certificates XMtrade ISZO - PSEUDONYM and XMtrade ISOT - PSEUDONYM is planned during the service outage on 30.6. 2020 (7:00 PM - 10:00 PM). Changes include only certificates, not the certification authority. This change affects ...

New product in OKTE’s portfolio – purchase block order

As of trading day 1 June 2020, OKTE, a.s. has made available a new product in the XMTrade/ISOT system for the short-term cross-border electricity market – a purchase block order. OKTE, a.s. hereby reacts to the requirements of the electricity market parti...

OKTE announces the release of purchase block order into production

OKTE announces that, based on the successful testing of the new type of purchase order with the overall acceptance of the first block (i.e. purchase block order) with the market participants, as well as with the partners in the 4MMC, the product will be a...

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