General statistics



Date ISO 8601
Start date of the selected range
Date ISO 8601
End date of the selected range


    "suppliersCount": 201,
    "deliveryPointsCount": 2600683,
    "accountingSubjectsCount": 93,
    "powerStationsCount": 2736,
    "deliveryToPowerGrid": 3414508.357,
    "finalConsumptionTPS": 2081308.591,
    "finalConsumptionTSS": 2060458.789,
    "offtakeFromPowerGrid": 1952767.082,
    "productionOnGeneratorTerminals": 2668670.508,
    "dateFrom": "2020-01-01",
    "dateTo": "2020-01-31"

Response fields description

Field Description Format
dateFrom Start date of the date range Date ISO 8601
dateTo End date of the date range Date ISO 8601
suppliersCount Total count of suppliers Integer number
deliveryPointsCount Total count of delivery points Integer number
accountingSubjectsCount Total count of accounting subjects Integer number
powerStationsCount Total count of power stations Integer number
deliveryToPowerGrid Delivery to power grid (MWh) Float number
finalConsumptionTPS Final consumption TPS (MWh) Float number
finalConsumptionTSS Final consumption TSS (MWh) Float number
offtakeFromPowerGrid Offtake from power grid (MWh) Float number
productionOnGeneratorTerminals Production on generator terminals (MWh) Float number