Changes in Technical specification of external interfaces of the system related to Interim Coupling go-live

In relation to the planned go-live of the Interim Coupling project, OKTE, a.s. will modify the publication of the day-ahead market results. Based on the processes applied within single day-ahead coupling, both preliminary and final market coupling results will be published.
In order to prepare for this change, OKTE, a.s. has made available an updated version of „Technical specification of external interfaces of the system“ (available in EN here). This will enable the day-ahead market participants to prepare for the changes related to the distinction between preliminary and final day-ahead market coupling results using a new parameter “Result status“ while communicating via external interface.
More information on the changes of OKTE‘s trading platform related to the Interim Coupling project will be communicated during a webinar planned for 12.05.2021.

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