Materials from the webinar on changes and new products in OKTE’s portfolio

OKTE, a.s., organised on 4 March 2021 a webinar with the aim of introducing to the market participants the planned changes in its day-ahead electricity market portfolio as well as the new products that will be available within OKTE’s trading platform as of 1 April 2021.

More than 100 participants from 31 companies attended the webinar. OKTE, a.s., would like to thank the attendees for their active participation.

The presentation from the webinar is available here. A selection of questions asked by the participants during the webinar related to the changes in the product portfolio and day-ahead market development at OKTE, together with the answers are available here.

In case of any questions or input related to the changes and new products in the portfolio of OKTE, a.s., please do not hesitate to send it to with subject "Products – DA".

We would also like to remind you the possibility to participate in testing of the changes and new products in OKTE’s portfolio that will take place from 16 till 17 March 2021. More information on the process and the access to the testing environment is available in the presentation from the webinar.



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