OKTE a. s. announces an auction for guarantees of origin.

OKTE, as the organizer of the short-term electricity market (OKTE, a.s.), would like to inform you about the announcement of the first electronic auction for guarantees of origin of electricity from renewable energy sources and guarantees of origin of electricity produced by highly efficient cogeneration. Any entity that is an account holder with valid access to the OKTE information system and at the same time has concluded with OKTE, a.s. the Agreement on activities related to the issuance and use of guarantees of origin from the Member States of the AIB and the Appendix to this Agreement concerning auctions for guarantees of origin of electricity, can participate in the auction. Guarantees of origin of electricity, offered in the form of an auction, are tied to electricity produced in installations which, during the production period, received support by Feed in Tarif or Feed in Premium within the meaning of Section 8b (3). Act No. 309/2009 Coll.

Auction date: 11/05/2020

Gate opened from:  11/05/2020 09:00
Gate opened until:  11/05/2020 13:00
Auction results: 11/05/2020 15:00

The auction will be announced for the following categories of certificates:

  • Solar (3 - 6 months)
    • quantity: 133,401 MWh
    • starting bid: 0.12 EUR/MWh
  • Water (3 - 6 months
    • quantity: 152,388 MWh 
    • starting bid: 0.12 EUR/MWh
  • Solar (6 - 9 months)
    • quantity: 197,238 MWh
    • starting bid: 0.25 EUR/MWh
  • Water (6 - 9 months
    • quantity: 225,394 MWh 
    • starting bid: 0.25 EUR/MWh

In order to participate in the auction, login into the XMtrade/ZPE system during the opened auction.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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