"OKTE & SEPS Day" during Spring conference SPX 2019

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The representatives of OKTE, a.s. and Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s. jointly delivered a block of presentations called "OKTE & SEPS Day" during the Spring conference SPX 2019 on 21 June in Demänovská dolina, Slovakia. 

Hereby we would like to thank the organizers of the conference for the opportunity to present to the audience important information related to the implementation of new activities within OKTE as the entity responsible for  settlement of the RES support scheme, as well as to the project focused on guarantees of origin administration. Another important topic presented was the integration of the day-ahead markets in the EU and further changes that are expected in the day-ahead market framework. Next, the representatives of Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s. introduced the way congestion income was being used to support network infrastracture development and elaborated upon the new method for cross-border capacity calculation, so called "flow-based" method, which should be used within the Core region in the future.

The presentations are available for download (in Slovak language) here.