XMtrade®/ISZO and XMtrade®/ISOT with new graphical user interface

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Dear business partner,

Let us inform you, that on 18th November 2015 portals XMtrade®/ISZO and XMtrade®/ISOT with new graphical user interfacewill belaunched into the production environment. These new interfaces will be available along with the original portals for the limited time. Existing functionality, DNS names, certificates and user accounts will remain with no changes. The only change is related to the graphical user interface. Since 18th November 2015 portals will be available on following addresses:


http://iszo.okte.sk  (the new ISZO portal)
http://iszo.okte.sk/portal2 (the original ISZO portal)


http://isot.okte.sk  (the new ISOT portal)
http://isot.okte.sk/portal2  (the original ISOT portal)

Please note, that both graphical interfaces will be operated in parallel until 1st December 2015 and since 2nd December 2015 only the new portals will be available.  Considering this, we would like to suggest you to acquaint yourself new user interface of XMtrade®/ISZO and XMtrade®/ISOT systems before the final change. This change aims to integrate the unified graphical user interfaces of OKTE information systems.