Changes of DNS names for OKTE business systems

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OKTE, a.s. plans a change of DNS names for OKTE information systems XMtrade®/ISZO and XMtrade®/ISOT during the exceptional service outage.

Change will include DNS names as well the certificates and public IP addresses. Systems will use the only server certificate * from the certification authority Disig. Each information system will have own client certificate to sign. These certificates will also be issued by certification authority Disig. These changes will affect the external information system that communicate with XMtrade®/ISZO and XMtrade®/ISOT through web services. Old DNS names will be automatically redirected, therefore the change will not affects users who access the XMtrade®/ISZO and XMtrade®/ISOT systems via portal.

Our suggestion for all users is to test new environment in testing environment and in advance.

Detailed information will be sent to interested subject as a notification with relevant attachments, including the new certificate.

If you need a technical support please contact us on +421 917 400 600 or