A new method of login via certificate into ISZO and ISOT systems

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Due to frequent login problems into XMtrade®/ISZO and XMtrade®/ISOT systems via certificate, connected to JAVA updates, a new way of certificate authentification via SSL authentification and web browser will be supported.

This new method of authentification does not require any additional installations on local stations. It will be set as default from 04/06/2014. Current method of logging into XMtrade®/ISZO and XMtrade®/ISOT systems using JAVA platform will still be supported as a backup solution.

Technical details are explained in following document: Autentifikácia certifikátom do systému XMtrade®/ISZO a XMtrade®/ISOT (Slovak version).

Hand in hand with new authentification method there won't be a need to confirm XMtrade®/ISZO a XMtrade®/ISOT web forms and uploaded files using certificate signing process while being already logged in mentioned OKTE systems.