OKTE, HUPX, OPCOM and EPEX SPOT to implement the PCR solution in the 4M MC project

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The Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian market operators / power exchanges together with the Czech market operator are currently implementing a coupling solution for their day-ahead electricity markets (4M MC project) relying on the Price Coupling of Regions (PCR) solution, which has been operating the NWE and SWE regions since 4 February 2014.

Within this framework, OKTE, HUPX and OPCOM have selected EPEX SPOT as their service provider for the operation of their coupling solution following an independent selection process on local basis.

In the 4M MC, the PCR solution (PCR Matcher-Broker and EUPHEMIA algorithm) will be implemented and operated by EPEX SPOT on behalf of OKTE, HUPX and OPCOM. The aforementioned power exchanges also work closely with OTE and the other considered 4M MC partners (Transmission System Operators and National Regulatory Authorities) and are strongly committed to deliver a robust solution for the benefit of the market community while meeting the objectives set by the EU Target Models.

Press release: 20140430_press_release_4MMC_final_en