Trial days for Market coupling CZ-SK-HU, 6.-16.8.2012

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Dear Member,

The CZ SK HU Market Coupling project partners are pleased to announce that they are organizing member testing sessions. We hereby provide you with all the information needed to participate to this member testing session taking place on the 06th August 2012, 07th August 2012, 08th August 2012, 13th August 2012, 14th August 2012 and 16th August 2012.

This member testing period is intended to give you an end to end overview of the CZ SK HU Market Coupling processes, procedures and time intervals regarding the daily operation including, amongst others, gate closure times and publication of results. Procedures and time intervals applicable in case of CZ SK HU Market Coupling fallbacks will also be tested.

Please be aware that the member testing is not intended to reflect future pricing or volume levels in a CZ SK HU Market Coupling context. All prices and volumes published during the member testing as well as concluded contracts in the member test environment are completely fictional and cannot be used as a reference for exchanges price or volume analyses. Clearing and settlement processes will not be simulated during this test period, which will end with market results publication. Neither should the results of the member testing be nominated to your respective local TSO.

In order to provide sufficient liquidity and to avoid, as much as possible, the risk of erratic pricing levels, please be aware that your local exchange will submit fictitious orders.

Member testing schedule

The member test sessions will be organized on business days only and will start on 06th August 2012 and end on 16th August 2012.

The normal situation: The normal situation will be tested twice on

  • Monday 06th August
  • Monday 13th August

The second auction situation: The second auction situation will be tested twice on

  • Tuesday 07th August
  • Tuesday 14th August

The fallback situation: Two decoupling situations will be tested, a decoupling before the gate closure time and a decoupling after the gate closure time. They will be tested on

  • Wednesday 08th August (decoupling after gate closure time)
  • Thursday 16th August ( decoupling before gate closure time)

Please note that the tests will be executed in the afternoon, to avoid interference with the market activities in the morning. Those timings will show the intervals between the different steps, but do not reflect operational timings that are in place for the market coupling.
The scenarios steps described in the Appendix will be used during the testing days.

Registration process
In order to participate to this member testing, we kindly ask you to return the attached form before 02nd August end of day. This registration process is needed to make sure that emails reach the relevant persons during the testing process, without disturbing the operational processes.

In order to access test environment of OKTE Trading System and to be able to participate in the CZ SK HU member testing, members must have access to this test system. If any market participant has not opened access yet, it is necessary to contact Market Operations.
It is recommended to check this access by Market Participants at least 2 working days before tests begin.
Please note that the simulation environment server address is:

OKTE details:
Market Operations
Phone during the test: +421 2 50 692 664

At another time:
Martin Chochol
Mobile: +421 917 950 377
Tel.: +421 2 5069 2425

Michaela Moravcová
Tel.: +421 2 5069 2656

Bc. Milan Trávnik
Tel.: +421 2 5069 2657