The introduction of negative prices on the Day-ahead electricity market from 1st February 2012

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OTE, the Czech day-ahead market operator, in cooperation with OKTE, the Slovak day-ahead market operator, and with respective Regulatory Authorities in both countries, are being in preparation for introduction of negative prices on the Day-ahead electricity market, including the related second auction procedures in case of exceeding the defined price limits. The aim of this change is to bring market rules used on the coupled Czech-Slovak Markets closer to the Market Rules used in the CWE region.

According to agreement with OKTE, the submission of bids for negative prices and the second auction will be firstly allowed on 31st January, 2012 for the delivery day of 1st February, 2012.

Furthermore, you are kindly invited to use the test environment OTE Sandbox - for testing these new functionalities and also download the updated user manual.

The test environment is currently ready for these tests.

The tests related to the second auction procedure will be organized on the test environment from 16th to 19th January, 2012 and also supported by OTE's representatives.