Cookies usage policy

This website informs how the OKTE, a.s. company uses files with cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter referred to as “cookies“).

Web portals and websites operated by OKTE, a.s. use cookies. These files which are stored in terminals (hereinafter referred to as “browsers”) of website visitors (hereinafter referred to as “users“) help us provide better services and a more relevant content. 

By using websites operated by OKTE, a.s., you give consent to using cookies according to the settings of users´ browsers.

If you visit our websites and cookies are turned on in your browser, we consider it a consent to the use of cookies as well as our rules of using cookies. 

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that can be sent to the browser or stored in the browser of the user when he/she visits websites. Cookies are stored in a folder which is designated for this purpose and can be adapted via settings in your browser. Cookies usually contain the name of the website where the file has been created, date and time of expiration, and content which is used by websites to store necessary information. When users visit websites, their browsers send information from cookies to the server of the operator based on which we can display more relevant information and offers to you. Cookies do not damage your browser. One of the main roles of your browser is to secure information stored in the cookies in order to avoid their abuse and prevent other websites than those which created these cookies to access them. The user is responsible for choosing and using of such internet browser that keeps data in cookies safe.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used to improve our services, display relevant information and offers as well as adapt to your needs. Websites operated by OKTE, a.s. can use session and/or persistent cookies. Session cookies are stored in your device while you are visiting our websites. Persistent cookies remain stored in your device as long as they are valid or until they are deleted manually. The duration of storing cookies in your browser depends on individual types of cookies and settings of your browser.

OKTE, a.s. websites use the following types of cookies:

Basic cookies

These files enable us to operate our websites in the first place. Without them, we cannot guarantee that the web portals and websites of OKTE, a.s. work properly and without problems. We use them e.g. to store session identifiers that the users create on our websites (a random sequence of characters and numbers without any informative value) etc.

Statistical cookies

Statistical cookies are used to collect information on how you use our websites. Thanks to this information, we know how our websites are used, which websites have been visited by which number of visitors etc. It helps us optimise our websites so that they can react to the needs of our visitors in the best way possible.

Operational cookies

These cookies are not necessary. They help us improve the functionality of our websites, in our case mainly to remember the selected language version of our websites, the choice of your locality or changes made to the arrangement of the website content so that you do not have to adjust the settings again every time you visit our websites.

Cookies of advertising systems

These cookies are used to display advertising offers on our websites as well as on the websites of our partners engaged in cooperation via advertising systems and networks in an effective way. They help us collect information about your habits when browsing websites. Thanks to them, we can display advertisements effectively, choose only relevant offers for you to be displayed on our websites as well as on the Internet. This type of cookies also helps us evaluate our advertising activities.

Third-party cookies

Websites and portals of OKTE, a.s. can have contents of our partners – third parties integrated in their content. We do our best to ensure that on our websites only content of reliable and verified partners is stored. The content of third parties stored on our websites enables these partner websites to save cookies to browsers of users while they are visiting our websites. These files are not under direct control of OKTE, a.s. They include e.g. tools of the Google company which are used to measure the traffic on our websites, evaluate the success rate of marketing activities or collect data necessary for effective marketing communication of OKTE, a.s. Tools of partners such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. are not under control of OKTE, a.s. i.e. the provider, and neither are data stored in the cookies of third parties. If you want to know how our partners – third parties use their cookies, please acquaint yourself with the rules of using cookies and privacy protection on the websites of our partners.

Cookie settings can be changed in your browser

The way of using cookies can be changed in the settings of your browser, i.e. terminal. There are many types of Internet browsers on the market that are changing and being constantly improved. We are thus not able to check each of them. Browsers are usually set to enable Internet websites to use cookies. Every user can change this setting and disable cookies in his/her browser for all websites or only for selected ones. Browsers can also be set to notify their users when cookies are about to be created and to ask the users to enable such activity.

For instructions how to change the settings of using cookies, please click on the “Help” section of your browser. These settings must be adapted in every browser or device that you use to access the Internet.

We will respect if you disable cookies in your browser. However, in such case we cannot guarantee that the web portals and websites of OKTE, a.s. will be working properly.